Real Estate Video & Photography, in Las Vegas

Video Packages

Introduce yourself as a Realtor with an Agent Video in our green screen studio; or make a Video Walk Through tour of your Real Estate Property to use in your marketing.
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Combo Packages

Combine photo and video packages for the best value.

  • Picture Package / Still Shot Video
    Add a still shot video for half off when combined with a picture pack.
  • Pro Property Tour Combo
    Pro tour includes a picture pack, video extras, and more. Visit the video package info page for more information.
  • Pro Tour / Agent Video
    Make an Agent Video for half the price when combined with a Pro Tour package.

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Photo Package

Our photographer uses a 24 mega pixel digital camera to capture the beauty and elegance of your property. There aren't any specific limitations or maximum number of photos that we will take of your listing, we take as many that is needed to show off all of the features of your home.

You will receive high resolution still photos and a second set optimized for the MLS, and other property listing websites.
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Photo Examples